Crusader Kings 3 Announced for 2020

Crusader Kings 3 Is Coming Next Year

Crusader Kings 3 is a new entry in the medieval RPG strategy series that’s launching in 2020 for Steam and Xbox Game Pass for PC. The announcement trailer was shown on Saturday and can be viewed below.

Much like previous Crusader Kings games, Crusader Kings 3 is about conquering lands and making sure that your family and allies stay in power. You’ll battle enemies, create alliances, and expand your empire in a game world that “stretches from Spain to India, Scandinavia to Central Africa,” according to the game’s Steam webpage.

Crusader Kings 3

When it comes to new features, the webpage didn’t list anything that Crusader Kings fans aren’t familiar with. More info about the game will likely be revealed in the lead-up to the game’s release next year.