The Creators of Outlast Are Teasing Their Next Project

Whatever is Next, it’s Going to be Scary 

The creators of Outlast 1 and 2 have recently taken to Twitter to tease the next project that they have been working on. There is almost no information about what they have planned. Some are convinced that it is going to be Outlast 3. While others think it will be something entirely different.

Outlast 2


Red Barrels, the studio in question made a name for themselves when they pushed out Outlast in 2013. While it did not totally reinvent the survival horror genre within video games, it was significantly scarier and more polished than the games that had come before it. Whereas other games that came on the scene earlier lost some of the scare factors due to bad graphics and janky animations, Outlast did not. Quite the opposite.

The second game was no different. Fans and critics were all terrified when playing the game and they loved it. However, since then, Red Barrels has been very quiet. We have heard next to nothing out of the studio aside from the teaser tweet.

In 2017 Red Barrels did say that they would eventually make an Outlast 3. But they did not say when. So this teaser image is promising. It also would not make much sense to drop a series that has done so well, especially for a totally independent game. It would be very risky. But stranger things have happened.

If you are wanting to get into the Halloween spirit and scare yourself to death, then either Outlast game will do the trick. Make sure you play with headphones and alone. You can even turn the lights off in order to enhance the experience.

Outlast (1 & 2) are available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.