Switch Lite Added To Lawsuit After New Complaints

Et Tu, Switch Lite?

A lawsuit seeking class-action status has now included the Nintendo Switch Lite, after players started complaining about Joy-Con drift occurring with the console. This comes within a week of the new hardware’s release, with some players noting problems after 20 hours of use. The suit was filed all the way back in July of this year.

Nintendo Switch Lite Demo lawsuit

According to the lawsuit, defective thumbstick design has resulted in severe issues requiring hardware repairs by the manufacturer. Nintendo has offered to fix the affected Joy-Cons free of charge, though this may prove a trickier issue for the Nintendo Switch Lite. Without detachable Joy-Cons, affected players will be without their system for weeks, or months. At least with the old model, you might have had a second set of controls to lean on.

The suit lists 18 plaintiffs in 16 different states, although the complaints on social media vastly outnumber the official ones. The law firm collected a ton of said social media reporting from places like YouTube and Reddit. It seems like Nintendo had manufactured the Switch Lite long before discovering their thumbsticks were deeply flawed. There’s been no word yet on whether Nintendo’s existing response to this issue will change with the newly released Switch Lite being among the affected systems. You can read the whole amended suit here.