KFC Dating Sim Coming Later This Month

Cozy Up To The Colonel

‘KFC dating sim’ isn’t what anyone expected out of 2019, but here we are. Psyop is teaming up with KFC to bring I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator to Steam later this month. Also said game will be free, because this kind of experience is priceless.

KFC Dating Sim

You play an aspiring culinary student looking to get into Colonel Sanders’ good graces, and also his pants. Success means going into business with the Colonel and/or getting spicy in the pantry, if you know what I’m saying. Failure means crushing heartbreak. You know, the usual stakes.

There’s a trailer to absorb into your bloodstream, which you must do. Never in the history of marketing gimmicks has a fast food mascot been so uncomfortably sexualized. Whether or not you’re a fan of goofy visual novels, there’s no harm in scooping this up when it comes out on September 24th. There’s even a chef dog, which can’t be food safe. You too could woo the Colonel amidst a flurry of herbs, spices, and burning hot grease. What an age we live in!