2K Addresses Save-Corrupting Borderlands 3 Bug

At Least It Won’t Happen To Anyone Else

‘Borderlands save’ has been trending on Twitter over the last few days, thanks to a Borderlands 3 bug that corrupted and destroyed a number of people’s save files. 2K games has thankfully fixed the offending glitch, though all those save files are so much dust in the winds, as it were.

Borderlands 3 bug

Apparently the issue in question has been targeting PC players, though there’s no word that this was exclusively a PC issue. Epic has committed to monitoring the situation, to ensure that the glitch is wrapped up properly. It seems that if your machine crashes during play, there’s a chance your cloud save will get corrupted as a result. Thus, the save file is gone for good.

Reviews of the game have made mention of Borderlands 3’s somewhat buggy operating state. Hopefully the worst of these performance issues are behind us, and players can breathe easy. We’ll have a full review of the game for you later this week.