The WNBA is Coming to NBA 2K20 – Check Out the New Trailer

The Ladies are Going to Ball Out Too

The WNBA is coming to NBA 2K20. It’s official. This will mark the first time in history that the fairer sex will make an appearance in a NBA 2K game. A trailer has just dropped today showcasing the top athletes within the WNBA. The trailer is more of a behind the scenes type of deal. Candace Parker and Breanna Stewart, both well respected all stars within the league, share their thoughts about the game as well as give up some sort of insight on the motion capture system that they took part in.  NBA 2K20

There are no details so far of how prominent the women will be in the next 2K game. All we have seen is footage from what looks like a classic play now match. If female characters will be available within the infamous MyCareer mode is still yet to be known. It also does not touch on if the teams within the WBNA will be able to cross over and play the men in the NBA. FIFA did something similar a while back, adding the international women’s teams of a handful of nations however, they were not able to play the men’s teams in versus.

MyTeam, another popular game mode that allows the player to collect and assemble their dream team of basketball players both currently playing and throughout history has not been discussed either. If there is a game mode where we might see some gender crossover, then this is it. MyTeam is more of an arcade-style game that is not so serious. So adding a 99 overall Candace Parker to the game mode who can dunk over Kobe and LeBron is not too much of a stretch.

NBA 2K20 is set to release on September 6th for PS4, Xbox, and Switch.