Valve Has to Approve Everything on the Steam Workshop Before it Goes Public

Valve Has to See if the Mod is Appropriate Beforehand 

The Steam Workshop is one of the best things to happen to PC gaming in the last ten years. The workshop offers literally endless amounts of mods for thousands of games. All of which, are made by the community that passionately plays them. These mods used to be able to be added to the workshop with no oversite by Valve. However, this all changing. Valve must now approve submission before they can go public to the Steam Workshop. This change was spotted by a CS:GO player earlier this week. Valve has insisted that the approval process will only take less than a day.

Anyone who is planning on posting a mod to the Steam Workshop has to go through a two-step moderation process. First off, the new items must be verified via email. This is, of course, a security measure that makes sure the new content is coming from a legit source. This email is said to arrive within half an hour. Secondly, the new mods will enter a moderation queue to wait to be looked over by a Valve employee.

Valve has not stated why they have decided to go forward with tighter restrictions over the Steam Workshop. The workshop has been home to tons of spam and useless mods that are usually just a way of trying to scam people. Among the CS:GO community, for instance, many of the “mods” promise some sort of loot crate or key. This is the type of content that Valve must be wanting to curb.

Taking a step in to moderate the Workshop should make things less cluttered. Hopefully, it does not result in quality mods not making the cut. Only time will tell how successful this will be.