Top Ranked Mortal Kombat Player Cheated Their Way to the Top

Cheaters Never Prosper

The top Mortal Kombat 11 player in the world, is a cheater. Classy.

Suspicions of this player cheating began the surface after a bunch of PlayStation users took to Twitter to complain about being mysteriously disconnected from matches against this player. The opposing players would get magically booted from games when the cheater would perform a DDOS attack against them. Upon being disconnected, they would automatically lose the match and the win would go to the cheater.

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The cheater has gone by many different names on PSN. Pa3com, pa4com and currently Son-Goku-DZ. There are YouTube videos connected to all three users’ names. Which confirms that it was the same person.

DDOS stands for Distributed Denial of Service. This maneuver overwhelms the opponent’s internet connection with traffic from dozens of various sources. This often causes the person’s internet connection to overload and crash. It can sometimes inflict permanent damage on a network. The player who has faced the cheater claimed that they suffered long term internet outages after the matches.

While frustrating, this might just seem like a relatively harmless trick. However, a DDOS attack is a federal crime and can land someone in jail for 2 years and more. These attacks are unfortunately not that uncommon within competitive gaming. But, it was the regularity of the attacks that raised a few eyebrows within the community.

NetherRealm has responded and referenced the player in a Tweet that they sent out yesterday. However, the player has not faced any repercussions as of yet.

The cheating resulted in the player having an absurd record of 125 wins and one loss.

The cheater has not slowed down either.  But it could be while before the problem is fixed. Players should avoid playing this person.

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