Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Gets A Release Date

And A Hot New Trailer, to Boot

It may be 20 years old, but Final Fantasy VIII Remastered is looking pretty spry. At least, it is looking a whole lot crisper than the game I remember. Square Enix dropped a trailer for the upcoming remaster, along with a release date for the game. Turns out we only have to wait until September 3rd!

Final Fantasy VII Remastered

The trailer is embedded below for your viewing pleasure. This newer, sleeker version of FFVIII comes with many of the bells and/or whistles we’ve come to expect from these updated classics. You can turn off enemy encounters, activate Battle Assist, and play at 3x the usual speed. If you’re playing on the Steam version, there’s even more tweaking to be done. Things like all items, all abilities, max level, and max gil are only some of the perks you can cue up in a pinch.

While a lot of these powers might feel like cheating, enemies scale with your level in this game. That means you want as few random encounters under your belt as possible. Certain secret bosses go from bad to bloody impossible at certain levels, if I recall correctly. Final Fantasy VII Remastered is coming out September 3rd for PS4, PC, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch.

SOURCE: Press Release