Children of Morta Releases in September for PC

Children of Morta Is an Upcoming Roguelike About Family

The 2D roguelike Children of Morta is launching on September 3rd for the PC. The PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch versions launch a month later on October 15th.

Children of Morta

This upcoming action-RPG roguelike is about the Bergsons, a family of warriors fighting off evil monsters who are trying to take over the family’s mountain home. Each member of the Bergsons family has unique combat abilities.

With the release date announcement, a new trailer came out that focuses on the Bergsons and showed off some gameplay. Go ahead and check it out below!

If you’d like to learn more about Children of Morta then read our hands-on preview.

“It all works. The narrator brings you in like you’re hanging out near a warm campfire, listening to this epic tale,” the preview’s author wrote. “The art and animations can be absolutely beautiful and large in scale. And the tension of dying only to need to start again will keep you focused. What I can’t say yet is whether the depth and variety of skills is there or whether I’ll grow tired of starting over again with each character upon death.”

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Source: Press release