Total War Community Manager Utters Crude Insult at YouTuber on Livestream

Stay Classy Creative Assembly

Your last day at a job can be a liberating feeling. You feel like the whole world is now in front of you. Limitless possibilities are now yours as you are moments away from throwing off the one thing that was holding you back in life. Your old job. While this is quite an empowering feeling, make sure to not get carried away as Michael “Wheels” Whelan did. Whelan was the community director over at Creative Assembly. It was his very last day with the company. He was on a live stream and as the stream was just about to wind down, he ended the stream by saying, “Arch Warhammer is a ********!”

So classy.

Total War Three Kingdoms

For those who are unaware, Arch Warhammer is a YouTuber who makes videoes about the Total War franchise. Arch Warhammer is a fan of the series and usually makes content that comments on the latest Total War games. Arch Warhammer had recently made a video that criticized Creative Assembly for taking down a mod that turned the pictures of the unit cards in Total War Three Kingdoms, into pictures of scantily clad women.

While there was no previous direct contact between Whelan and Arch Warhammer, Whelan seems to have caught wind of this and took issue. It is not known for sure if this was what caused Whelan to insult Arch Warhammer. But that is what the YouTuber believes. Arch is a passionate follower of the series and is not shy about pointing out things that he feels is wrong with the game. So there are a lot of things to chose from.

Creative Assembly took to Twitter to issue an apology to the YouTuber. The apology did not directly name Arch Warhammer but it was obviously made out to him.