New Sword & Shield Trailer Has Cream-Based Pokemon

Dr. Ian Malcom Was Right

A new Pokemon Sword and Shield trailer is upon us! This means quick, hopeful glimpses of Pokemon, trainers, gym leaders, and gimmicks. Gigantamaxing is upon us! A small selection of Pokemon will be able to go fully Godzilla, including the cream-based Pokemon, Alcremie. Wait, let’s back up a second. It’s made of cream?

Pokemon Sword and Shield Trailer

Yes, Gigantamaxing is all well and good, but they’ve given us a Pokemon that “can produce whipped cream, which becomes richer the happier Alcremie is feeling.” Personal thoughts on cream-making creatures aside, this thing is named Cool Whip as soon as I capture it. Like, that’s not even up for debate.

If you want to learn a tiny bit more about all this Godzilla-type nonsense, you can check out the trailer below. Or you can head on over to the actual Pokemon site! This new extra evolution comes with unique moves, as well as a sweet new look. Alcremie turns into a gigantic cake, in case you were wondering. Sword and Shield are coming to the switch this November.