Super Mario Maker 2 Now Has Two Million User-Made Levels

The Super Mario Maker 2 Community Has Been Pretty Active

Super Mario Maker 2 launched less than two weeks ago and it already has two million user-made levels, according to a Nintendo announcement made on Tuesday with Twitter.

“Thanks to all of you, has reached 2 million courses uploaded!” the tweet read. “We hope everyone continues to create and share their dream courses!”

Super Mario Maker 2

If you’d like to get in on the fun of making your own Mario levels then read our review before buying the latest Super Mario Maker game.

“Like the previous game, Maker 2 isn’t right for absolutely everyone,” the reviewer wrote. “If you’re hoping for another polished set of escapades with Mario and pals, you’ve got some time to wait. For all its trappings, this is still a tool kit. It may be more robust and feature complete than the last iteration, but the impetus is still in the hands of the player to find that glittering core of compulsive engagement.”

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