New Super Monkey Ball Game Is Rolling Out in October

The Rumored New Super Monkey Ball Game Has Been Revealed

Update (12:42 PM ET): The official trailer for Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD has dropped! The game’s official website reveals that the game is launching on October 29th for the PS4, Switch, and Xbox One. It’ll come to Steam “soon”.

Original Story:

A new Super Monkey Ball game is launching on PS4 & Switch on October 31st and the Steam version releases in December, according to a Famitsu article published today. Presumably, both releases are for Japan.

Super Monkey Ball

The article itself doesn’t delve into much detail about the game and since we’re using Google Translate, much of it doesn’t make much sense in English. However, Famitsu does mention that the game will have a “variety of additional functions”.

This announcement isn’t that much of a surprise because a new game in this puzzle-platformer series was previously leaked by Taiwan’s game rating board earlier this month.

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