Free Spider-Man PS4 Skins Inspired By the Far From Home Movie

You’ve Got Gifts, Parker

The new Spider-Man movie is out now and our favourite webhead has got some new duds. If you have seen Spider-Man: Far From Home, you may have caught the split-second reference to the PS4 game right at the end of the movie. The MCU references the game and now it is the game’s turn to send the love back. Players are getting a couple of free Spider-Man PS4 skins inspired by Far from Home. A snazzy noir-esque stealth suit and the new black and red suit of Peter’s own design. Deadpool would approve of that second one.

Spider-Man PS4 Skins

Developer Insomniac has included a ton of iconic Spider-Man costumes in their game. This wouldn’t be the first time they brought in a suit from the movies. Spidey’s suit from Captain America: Civil War, his homemade suit from Homecoming, the Iron Spider suit from Infinity War, the suit from Into The Spiderverse, and the suit from the Sam Rami movies. Now, you can add two more suits to that list with the Stealth Suit and the Upgraded Suit. Thanks to the new 1.16 patch, you can just boot up your game and try them on.

Spider-Man PS4 Skins

The inclusion of these new suits were announced first by the PlayStation Japan Twitter account, but was quickly taken down. Thanks to the heroes at IGN, they saved us all a couple of screenshots showing them off. Spider-Man: Far From Home is out right now. Your ol’ pal Zane just watched it and its pretty sweet. Once again, these suits are out right now.

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Source: IGN