A Capcom Shareholder Did Not Hold Back In Recent Meeting

The Shareholder Was Concerned About Capcom’s Graphics 

A couple of times every year, depending on the corporation, public companies will talk to their investors and let them know how the company is doing. The company will receive questions from analysts and shareholders alike. These meetings tend to be rather boring and uneventful. However, this June at a Capcom meeting, one shareholder voiced their concern over Capcoms graphics. The root of this shareholders opinion was not due to their own experience though. The issues over Capcom’s graphics were brought up because the shareholder’s son thought that they were bad. Seriously. Here is a link to the full transcript. It’s worth a read.


The shareholder stated that “My son is a fervent online game player but says that Capcom’s graphics are unsophisticated. Please do something about this.” As blunt as that is, Capcom gave a standard corporate answer not really addressing the demand that the shareholder put forward to them. Not being satisfied with their response, the shareholder asked a different question. This time about arcade machines.

“Regarding Arcade Operations, when my son was younger, arcade trading-card games were popular, generating long lines to play. I would really like to see a comeback for arcades as a family entertainment option. I want you to invent an explosive, hit arcade machine.”

To top that all off, the shareholder had one final request.

“Have you provided any gifts for shareholders today? I want some original Capcom merchandise.”

Apparently then didn’t get any.

The rest of the meeting was actually productive. Other investors did asking meaningful questions instead of demanding that the graphic improve. But who really wants to hear about a board meeting that went to plan? Perhaps is all the shareholder’s band together, they can all finally get that hit arcade machine.