Twitch Is Going To Have a Shopping Channel For Amazon Prime Day

The Internet Is a Bizzare Place

There have been a few strange happenings on Twitch as of late. A couple of days ago it was announced that American Senator Bernie Sanders was going to debut on the streaming service to better connect with his supporters. Which to be fair, is an interesting idea, but a strange one at that. An idea that could definitely be classified under “outside of the box”. Well to keep this trend of unorthodox thinking going, Twitch is going to launch a shopping stream for Amazon Prime Day. On July 15th and 16th, Twitch is going to start streaming a live shopping show that they promise will be like nothing you have seen before. The event will be called Twitch Sells Out: A Prime Day Special Event.

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The broadcast is expected to stretch for a full 12 hours each day. Within those 12 hours, we should see what Twitch has hand-picked from Amazon to put in their showcase. The streams will also feature Twitch’s most popular streamers. Twitch has not revealed who the hosts will be yet however, they have stated that there will be a full list of the names of the participants on July 10th. The items they will be selling could range from kitchen appliances to video games.

For those who might be a little too young to remember, shopping channels used to be huge back in the day. It is these retro channels that Twitch seems to be trying to emulate. This new take on shopping shows seems to be a little bit over the top. But there nothing wrong with that. Wacky and crazy ideas like this seem to strive on the internet. If this idea blows up then we could perhaps see this become a more common occurrence in the future.