Teasers For the Next God of War Have Been Right in Front of Us All Along

Some Pretty Obvious Hints Have Been Dropped

God of War has done very well for itself. It was one of the most critically acclaimed games of 2018 and loved by fans just as much. As of right now, it is also in the top 3 of the most successful games on the PS4 from a sales standpoint as well. These achievements by the franchise have undoubtedly generated a lot of hype for the next installment in the series. This sequel is certainly far away from releasing anytime soon, however,  Cory Barlog has been dropping some not so subtle hints about it for some time now.

Characters with Beards - Kratos - God of War-min

A couple of Reddit users who have watched the DaVinci Code one too many times have found a hidden message in the tweets that Barlog has pinned. The first letters of each tweet spell out “Ragnarok is Coming.” Ragnarok, for those unaware, is the apocalypse or doomsday event in Norse mythology. It is amazing that people even find this out. But that is the internet in a nutshell.

Sony has also released a God of War theme for the PS4 home screen. This theme is labeled as “Ragnarok is Coming” too. The hints don’t stop there either. There are a couple of theories that have rooted out of the end of God of War. Please note that there will be SPOILERS below.


God of War leaves a hand full of plot points open due to its endings. The appearance of Thor seems to be something that is almost guaranteed to be present in the sequel. The dream that Arteus has of the arrival of Thor is another hint that a showdown between Thor and Kratos is bound to happen. But then again this is all speculation.

What do you think the sequel will be?