Rumblings of Rainbow Six Quarantine to Appear at E3 2019

Sci-Fi Rainbow Six PvE Game?

Strap in, boys and girls, this is a really long shot. So, on the Kotaku podcast Splitscreen, hosts Maddy Myers, Jason Schreier, and Kirk Hamilton talk about their hopes and predictions for this year’s E3. In episode 182, they spoke about things like what they expect from presenters like Bethesda, Microsoft, Ubisoft, Square Enix, EA, and Nintendo. According to Jason, we will see what has become of Ubisoft’s cancelled project Pioneer. But it’s cancelled, why would we see it? Apparently, it was reworked so much that eventually it was re-purposed as something called Rainbow Six Quarantine.

Rainbow Six Quarantine

A little while ago, Ubisoft’s Alexandre Remy said that Rainbow Six Siege is aiming to be a multi-console generation title and that there are no plans for a sequel. That does not mean Ubisoft will not be developing more Rainbow Six games. Last year, Rainbow Six Siege put out a different game mode called Outbreak. This was a sci-fi take on the tactical shooter’s gameplay. Apparently, this Quarantine is going to be along the same lines of Outbreak. Pioneer was originally developed to be a non-violent space explorer, but if it is now Rainbow Six Quarantine, the non-violent approach is scraped. Such is the process of game development.

So, yeah, according to Jason Schreier, we are going to see Quarantine at E3 2019. If you want to hear it for yourself, check out their podcast. The Pioneer/Quarantine part starts at the 1:00:00 mark. The Rainbow Six games have generally been grounded in reality, with little or no deviation into science fiction, but if the rumors ring true, then this is pretty exciting. Then again, another military shooter franchise did took this path a little while ago. A little series called Call of Duty, and even they have circled back to a more modern style.

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Source: Kotaku Splitscreen