Project Lockheart Has Been Cancelled According to Rumors

The Alleged Next-Gen Console Might Be Dead

Microsoft could have ended their plans for their next generation console Project Lockheart. According to rumors within the industry, the project has been ended. Microsoft has of course just announced Project Scarlett which is the codename of the next Xbox console. Project Scarlett is scheduled to release around Christmas 2020.

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Benji-Sales, someone who talks gaming rumors quite often has posted this week on Twitter discussing this issue. Benji-Sales said, “the weaker version of Microsoft’s next-gen console code name Lockhardt has possibly been shelved.” There have also been rumors that Microsoft is working on two different consoles at the same time. Project Anaconda is supposedly more powerful with higher specs. Project Lockheart was the one which was cheaper, but with lower tier hardware.

Benji-Sales went on to comment that it’s obviously not confirmed, but there have been a significant amount of whisperings circulating around. The way that Project Scarlett was discussed at E3 made it sound as though it was a singular console. This could suggest that Project Anaconda is the only one in the works. Microsoft could have just not seen a point on working on a lower spec console.

There have been other rumors that the upcoming PS5 is going to be much more powerful than anything Microsoft has to offer. If this is true, it would make sense that Microsoft would scrap anything they might see as an inferior product.

Rumors are still rumors. It is hard to say if any of this is accurate information. Microsoft has not said anything official yet. The happenings of these projects are well guarded. Phil Spencer the head of Xbox has even said that he doesn’t know the actual name of Project Scarlett. So if he doesn’t know anything, then how would we know any better?