Paradox Is Bringing Their Games to the Xbox Game Pass

The Xbox Game Pass has Drawn in Paradox 

Only a few days ago, Microsoft first announced that the Xbox Game Pass is coming to the PC.  This new subscription service will offer customers on the PC over 100 games to play for a single payment. Paradox Studios has now made it clear that their titles will be available on this new platform.

Paradox Mods

The news was broken via a blog post on Paradox’s website. They stated that they would be joining Xbox Game Pass not only to bring their classic games to people but to also use this as a way to distribute future titles. This is great news for Paradox and Microsoft alike. This helps Microsoft as they are the new kids on the block when it comes to distributing games on the PC. And Paradox gets to throw its hat into the ring alongside a much beloved and exciting subscription service.

For those who are unaware, Paradox is well known for making grand scale strategy games that are filled to the brim with detail. Perhaps too much detail according to some. Their games lean more to the hardcore side and might scare a casual player off by the sheer size and complexity that is there. However, once these games are mastered and well understood they are a treat to play.

Hearts of Iron IV, Europa Universalis IV, and Crusader Kings II are some of their better-known titles. The majority of their games have a historical setting that does great justice to the time period. If there are any Total War fans reading this, checking out Paradox games would be worth your time.

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