New Battlefield 5 Map and Update Coming Soon

Battlefield 5 Will be Receiving Beautiful New Map 

Battlefield 5 will be the beneficiary of a new map and update on May 30th. The trailer for this map called Mercury was dropped at 6 AM this morning. The trailer is everything you would expect from a Battlefield game. Explosions, buildings collapsing, and general chaos are all front and center. The map takes place on the beautiful island of Crete in Greece. Based on the real-life World War 2 event of Operation Mercury in 1941. The United Kingdom and Germany will make up the factions for this map.Battlefield V

The Brits will have an edge on the ground with a large number of tanks, however, the German side will be dominating the air with fighter planes. The UK will also have access to an airforce but it will be significantly smaller than the Germans. Mercury is listed as a “medium-large” map and the tempo is described as “moderate to fast.”

Mercury’s playstyle is similar to that of Altai Range from Battlefield 4 or that of Monte Grappa from Battlefield 1. Much like both of those previous maps, verticality will come into effect. Sharp and jagged cliffs and rock formation dot the landscape and are prime areas to be attacked by recon on support classes. Air support and other vehicles will play a large role in prying stubborn defenders of objectives. However, that does not mean infantry will be useless. There are many points that are located in claustrophobic villages and coves. Areas that tanks and planes will have trouble fighting in.

In conclusion, flanking your opponents, supporting your vehicles and building fortifications will be of the utmost importance and the keys to win.

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