Former PlayStation CEO Jack Tretton Says Sony Will Face More Competition With the PS5

Jack Tretton Believes Sony Will Face “Exponentially More Competition” with the PS5

There’s no denying that Sony has won the “console war” this generation as the PlayStation 4 has outsold every other platform worldwide continuously and by a significant margin. Despite this, former PlayStation America Boss Jack Tretton says it’s very likely that it won’t be the same way with the PS5 as Sony will face stiffer competition from multiple companies.

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As we move toward the end of this generation of consoles and look toward the future many have begun discussing what the future will look like for the industry. In a recent interview with VentureBeat former President and CEO of Sony America Jack Tretton was asked about Sony and how he believes the company will do when the PS5 is launched. He says they’re in a perfect spot for success considering just how much they’ve seen with the PS4, but that there will be more competition than ever before.

Here’s what he had to say, “I think they’re very well-positioned. The leader of the prior generation is always in a good position going into the new generation. From what I’ve read about the specs of PlayStation 5, it sounds impressive. Their business model obviously worked well for them the last time around, and it doesn’t look like they’re going to deviate from that. They’ll be well-positioned. But I do think they’ll face exponentially more competition than they did the last time around.”

He further explained, “Microsoft should give them a better run for their money, and Stadia is a new wrinkle in the market that didn’t exist in 2013. Nintendo is more relevant this time around. It’s going to be a much more competitive market. There are new players. But they’ve learned some valuable lessons in this generation. It should be great for everyone in the business, whether you’re a developer or a gamer. It’s going to keep everyone on their toes.”

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