Classic Shmup Cotton Getting a Remake

Coming Soon to the X68000 Of All Things

Cotton is a series of adorable shmups that debuted in Japan back in the day. They had such a successful run that the first entry is being remade for modern consoles. But don’t worry! It’s also coming out for the X68000, a system that no one reading this could possibly own.

Cotton Remake

Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams follows a young witch as she’s dragged into saving the day by her new fairy companion. At first unwilling, she changes her tune after learning that this place she’s rescuing is home to delicious candy. Not the most noble intentions, but beggars can’t be choosers.

Cute side-scrolling shooters is one sub-genre that can’t get big enough in my opinion. What better way to jazz up the formula than with adorable graphics and sound effects? Perhaps if Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams gets big enough, they’ll re-release or remake some of the other titles in the series? It’s a small possibility, but I’m ready to hold out hope. We need more adorable shmups, damn it! You can check out some Cotton gameplay embedded below.