Figment is Coming to PS4 Real Soon

Figment Launches May 14th on PS4

Figment, the gorgeous musical action-adventure game, is heading to PS4 on May 14th, announced developer Bedtime Digital Games.

The game first launched on PC back in September 2017, then on Nintendo Switch in May 2018. Bedtime Digital Games had previously announced an Xbox One version but has been quiet on that one for quite some time. Hopefully, Xbox fans won’t have to wait long now that the game is ready to land on PS4.

Figment is a unique action-platformer with a musical twist that is all about exploring the recesses of the human mind. You play as Dusty, the mind’s former voice of courage, alongside his companion Piper to save his world from evil and dark creatures.

Figment Switch screenshot

The PS4 version appears to be a straight port of the previous versions, with no real added features.

Here’s a snippet of what we said about the game in our Nintendo Switch review:

“Figment is a beautifully made puzzle-adventure action game that sits among the finest indie games on Switch. The gorgeous storybook art style, sweeping soundtrack, enjoyable puzzles, and the thought-provoking storyline is what makes Figment a must-play experience. The pacing, humour, and creativity are all top notch, and it sets everything up for a hard-hitting and memorable finale. It tackles depression in a mature way without feeling forced and manages to tell an engaging story to boot. Don’t spend too much time thinking about it, just buy Figment. You won’t be disappointed.”

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