Devil May Cry 5’s Bloody Palace Mode Is a Stylish April Fools Day Gift

Devil May Cry 5’s Fighting Arena, “Bloody Palace”, Launches Today

The free Bloody Palace DLC for Devil May Cry 5 went live on Monday and it includes 100 timed combat levels that progressively become more difficult as the player fights their way through enemies. Additionally, the three main characters of the game, Dante, Nero, and V, are all playable in the mode.

Accessing Bloody Palace will require beating the main campaign on its Human or Devil Hunter difficulties, according to Capcom.

If you’re interested in getting Devil May Cry 5 then you should read our review of it first in order to get a better understanding of what kind of game this is.

Devil May Cry 5

“Devil May Cry 5 excels at bringing back that iconic feeling the franchise is known for and does so with killer style, strategic, fast-paced combat, and a pumping soundtrack,” the review’s author wrote. “With a cast of both familiar faces in Trish and Lady, as well as newcomers Nico and V, this is a game that gives me confidences for the future of the Devil May Cry series.”

Other Devil May Cry 5 news: the action title has sold over two million copies globally.

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