Just Cause 4 Joins Game Pass Today

Game Pass Scoops Up Another Holiday 2018 Release

Rico’s weather fighting hijinx explode onto Xbox Game Pass today along with a LEGO Batman game, meaning two flavors of caped crusader fun for the whole family!

Characters with Beards - Rico - Just Cause-min Game Pass
I imagine the game arriving on the service very literally looked like this.

Alright so maybe a wing-suit isn’t a cape, but it sure does bridge another common interest between Just Cause’s Rico and Batman. Some more things they have in common are their reliance on gadgets to get anything done, their propensity for landing on moving cars, and their eagerness to switch to guns when the actually cool stuff doesn’t work out.

Anyways, Just Cause 4 and LEGO Batman 2 are available on Xbox Game Pass starting today (they were supposed to drop tomorrow but I guess good things come to those who SURPRISE!). You can check out our reviews for Just Cause 4 here and LEGO Batman 2 here.

A couple more games are coming to the service later this month including F1 2018, and the return of Fallout 4. Debate amongst yourselves what qualifies as a cape in the comments.

SOURCE: Twitter