Epic Announces Fortnite Contest – Player Created Limited Time Modes

This Is Your Chance to Get Your Creation Featured in Fortnite

When Fortnite’s Creative mode launched, there was not a really huge draw to use it, at least not compare to the Battle Royale mode. The Battle Royale aspect was what made it the most popular game on sites like YouTube and Twitch after all. Now there will be a way to have the two modes working in conjunction for Epic Games. Announced by Epic’s Creative Development Director Zak Phelps, they will be holding a Fortnite contest. This contest asks for player-created content for a LTM (Limited Time Mode).

Fortnite Contest

When Creative was first envisioned, we were extremely excited about the potential for creators to create their own games that could then be featured as LTMs. The Block was the first step, introduced in Season 7 and began the journey of shared player made creations.” Phelps said. “We are looking forward to playing your creation with the entire Fortnite community.” Players have until April 8th to submit their game. The guidelines state a few requirements for the creations, but for the most part there are very few restrictions to what can be made.

Here is what Epic is asking for:

  • Your game must be a multiplayer experience that can be played with a minimum of 4 players and a maximum of 16 players. Here are a few recommendations (however, you are free to use any ruleset you can imagine):
    • 4v4v4v4
    • 8v8
    • 4v12 (Give the 4 an advantage!)
    • 15v1
  • You’re free to pursue any game type or theme. Get creative!
  • Put yourselves in the shoes of a player. Design your game with clear directions and goals.
  • We recommend game length to be between 10 to 20 minutes to complete and encourage replayability. Our existing LTMs are solid examples or game length and replayability.
  • Every player should be able to actively participate the entire time. We don’t want players sitting out as others are still enjoying in the experience.
  • The focus, as always, should be to create the most fun and compelling games as possible,  across a variety of player skillsets.
  • Get together with friends so you have the opportunity to test your game as frequently as possible, with the desired number of players.
  • Your submission must include:
    • Your discord name.
    • Your email address.
    • Youtube video is required. Please show:
      • A fly through of the game
      • An overhead view of the entire experience
      • Screenshots are good to have.
    • Title of the game
    • Description of the game

Submissions should be sent to the official content submission page by no later than April 8th at midnight.

Source: Epic Games