The Drama Surrounding the Season 1 Release Date for Apex Legends Increases After Respawn Response

Apex Legends Players Peeved with Respawn About Season 1 Release Date Answer

Though Apex Legends has been met with massive praise and success, with over 50 million players after just one month to prove it, fans are growing increasingly irritated that they don’t have a specific season 1 launch date. Back in February Respawn Entertainment dropped a roadmap of their content over the months ahead, citing that season 1 would be incoming in March. Now at the beginning of the month many were upset by the lack of update or release of content, frustration which only seems to have increased after the Respawn CEO’s latest response on the matter.

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After the battle pass and season 1 content for Apex Legends failed to appear on March 1st, many fans were upset that it hadn’t dropped in a quick way like the game itself had. Of course, maybe the frustration and drama died down a little bit because it had been rumored that the content would be dropping as part of last Tuesday’s game update. Fast forward almost one week and still, no battle pass. As you might have expected this has again caused some to raise their concerns on the matter. When one Twitter user asked Respawn’s CEO Vince Zampella if there is an estimated date for the season 1 content, he responded with one little word: yes. You can check out the tweet below.

It’s safe to say that the vague answer didn’t go over well with fans, as many took to the very same thread to vent about their frustrations over the whole season 1 battle pass. The drama from the beginning of the month that has since died down seems to be in full swing again. You can check out some of the responses to Zampella’s response below.

And there’s so many more reponses just like these. And while it’s understandable that some might be upset with the lack of details, as far as anyone knows the content is still arriving in March, which only has two weeks left. And at this point it’s totally likely that Respawn will just drop the content without announcing a date before doing so. Do you think it’s still coming this month? What do you think about the drama? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to keep it locked for updates!