Dead Cells Rise of The Giant Update Gets A Sweet Trailer

Oh, The Dying You Will Do

We’re getting even more Dead Cells! The Rise of the Giant Update is dropping in two short days, bringing levels, bosses, and the sweet suffering unique to roguelite games of all colors and creeds. To celebrate and/or announce this big ol’ update, Motion Twin released a sexy new animated trailer.

dead cells

Although the tone seems… off, the action is delightful to witness. Also all the pain, terror, and sudden extinction feels very on brand for Dead Cells. While the trailer reveals precious little about the gameplay (aside from the constant threat of death and dismemberment), I can’t help but anticipate seeing that giant in action. Also, we’ll only have to wait two days to find out more! Surely we can manage two tiny little days, right?

Dead Cells is out right this second for PC, PS4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch. You can check out our review of the game here. There’s also that delicious new trailer, embedded just below!