A Customizable Mini Battle Royale Mode in the Works for Fortnite

According to Epic Games a Mini Battle Royale Mode is Incoming to Fortnite 

It seems that Fortnite players will get to experience their favorite game very differently in the future. According to Epic Games, they’re working on adding a miniature battle royale mode to the game via Creative Mode very soon.

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This, according to the developer, comes as part of a larger initiative to make the Creative Mode even better and to allow players that much more freedom over their gameplay. Of course while Epic Games didn’t reveal everything that they’ve got up their sleeve to make Creative Mode better, they did share that they’re working on a mini battle royale mode. Coming by way of a developer called Darkveil on the game’s Reddit page, he revealed the mode will feature customizable storms, bus routes and more.

When asked whether there will be storm stimulated circles as a way to allow players to practice different end-game situations, Darkveil replied saying, “Yes! This is planned, but is technically a bit difficult which is why we haven’t been able to introduce it. But our goal is for you to be able to run “mini-BR” games on your island, with configurable storms, bus, etc. The reason it’s tricky is because of how Creative allows for many games to run at the same time on the same server. We’ll figure it out though!”

Another Reddit user asked if the reason for the difficulty implementing this was because  when the storm collapses on the players, it’s already surrounded all of the other areas of the map to which Darkveil responded with, “Sort of. The current storm system is highly configurable — we switch it up for various LTMs and it can do a lot of things. But it can’t work with multiple islands on a single server, so we’re working on fixing that. Remember, your friend could be testing his/her BR on their island, waiting on their Battle Bus to jump while you are already in the final storm safe zone on your own island playing with other friends. It’s a different architecture that we need for storms to make it work how creators expect.”


At this time there’s no release window for when we can expect to see this addition in Creative Mode however it sounds like once Epic Games sorts out the kinks, they’ll be releasing it quickly. What do you think about this upcoming game mode? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to keep it locked for updates!