Cuphead Creator Wants His Characters In Smash Bros.

For A Real High-Class Bout, If You Will

Some people would argue that every character is a perfect fit for Super Smash Bros, much like how every game is perfect for the Nintendo Switch. This straw man I just invented is wrong, but you know who would be perfect for Smash? Cuphead and Mugman! At least, the Cuphead creator seems to think so.

Cuphead gets release date

Jared Moldenhauer, Cuphead’s co-creator, is totally on board with his characters showing up in Smash Bros. It seems a lot less crazy, especially now that the game is coming to the Nintendo Switch next month. He’s so into the idea, he would more or less do it for free. “Just a piece of paper, we don’t need anything. You can have those characters make an appearance.” You hear that, Nintendo?

All the reports suggest that the Super Smash Bros roster is more or less set at this time, DLC characters included. This doesn’t take into account slavish fan demand, although Nintendo doesn’t always hear this sort of thing (Mother 3, anyone?). Moldenhauer even has his ideal matchup: A 2v2 bout between Cuphead, Mugman, and the Ice Climbers. “I kind of want to take those characters and then demolish them.” Fingers crossed, you guys.