‘Buildings Have Feelings Too!’ Is an Odd City-Sim Game About Sentient Buildings

Buildings Have Feelings Too! Launches This Summer

Upcoming city-sim Buildings Have Feelings Too! is a game about living, breathing buildings who are trying to deal with the effects of economic depression in their city.

Taking control as “The Halfway Hotel”, players will have to build up the city while also caring for the individual well-being of the city’s buildings and if those buildings aren’t properly cared for then they could be demolished.

Throughout the game, players will be able to establish a variety of businesses from time periods that range from the Victorian era to modern times. They’ll also be able to create several city neighborhoods that can have their own features such as a financial district.

Additionally, according to a press release, players will also need to adapt to changing times or risk losing their brick-and-mortar friends.

“As time progresses, new industries can be researched and new architectural marvels built,” the press release read. “In turn, world events might cause buildings to fail and businesses to go bankrupt! Players must discover new ways to attend to their city’s needs. This could involve refurbishing a building or simply grabbing it by the hand and moving it to a nicer part of the neighborhood.”

Buildings Have Feelings Too!

According to the press release, Buildings Have Feelings Too! will launch this summer on the Xbox One, PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. Also, the game will be showcased by Microsoft next week at GDC 2019.

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Source: Press release