Apex Legends: Dataminers Unravel New Characters for the Battle Royale

We Might Never See These Legends in Action

Don’t know if they’re real, but they look cool. Everything on Reddit must come with a grain of salt until the hour of truth. In this case, we’re looking at new Apex Legends content that may be upcoming or already scrapped. Dataminers have dug through potential projects in the works.

Respawn may have lost a few hype moments if the leaks are true. Dataminers have unveiled what looks like new characters for the battle royale. Respawn has been made aware of these leaks and warns everyone not to treat them “as a source of truth.”

Like we’ve seen with Epic Games and FortniteApex Legends is gearing up for seasonal events. Because of battle royale trends, players expect new characters and a season pass. Yesterday, a leaked image of the Origin landing page came with a glimpse of a new character and pricing for the Season 01 Battle Pass. Quickly, however, the page was taken down. While the landing page leak seems real enough, everything else uncovered on Reddit may stay within the cavities of Respawn data.

“We know this stuff is fun to dig up and speculate about, but you should not treat any of that info as a source of truth,” Respawn’s community manager said on Reddit. “There’s stuff in there that is very old, or things we’ve tried in the past and cut – remember our design process is to prototype and play lots of ideas – and some of it may be things we’re still building for Apex Legends, Finding this stuff by no means confirms that it’ll ever come out. At best you should treat any posts about this as a rumor and the real info will come from us when we’re ready to show off what’s coming next.”

They won’t deny anything, but even Respawn says we should take ‘leaks’ with a grain of salt. For now, participants in Apex Legends can look forward to Octane, the only confirmed roster addition thus far. Season 01, expected to arrive yesterday, is due “very soon,” the developer said. Stay tuned for updates and character confirmation in the future.

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SOURCE: Eurogamer