Harambe Takes Vengeance in the New Jazz-Powered ‘Ape Out’

It’s Fu**ing Bananas

First off, games are one of the best mediums (if not the best) for blowing off steam. and Devolver Digital may have published the best game for just that purpose. Ape Out is an escape mission in which in which players take control of a gorilla and beat the living hell out of his captors.

Available for Nintendo Switch and PC, Ape Out is a top-down prison simulator in which Harambe must go free. In all seriousness, the goal is to make it out alive while evading the deadly sights of the wardens. Not to confuse it for a stealth game, the purpose is to go all out and find freedom, by whatever means necessary. It’s going to get bloody, the kind of game casual gamers and members of PETA can both enjoy.

Another core aspect of the game is its rhythmic onslaught. The player’s actions trigger jazz music in the backend, like a call-and-response jam between the player and the game. As you jump, dash, and pummel your way through the lanes of imprisonment, you’ll inspire new beats from the soundtrack. Before long, you’ll be breaking bones while performing the Charleston.

Ape Out represents the hard work of Gabe Cuzzillo, Matt Boch, and Bennett Foddy. The jazz-powered breakout is available for $14.99. If this melee-jazz combo sounds like something right up your alley, let us know in the comments below.

SOURCE: Press Release