Activision Making 164 Million in Destiny 2 Deal

Some Wine And Roses Amid All The Layoffs

In case you were wondering why on Earth Activision would return Destiny 2 to its rightful owners, apparently some money was involved? 164 million monies, in fact. It seems like Activision stands to profit just a little from this deal, although there may also be some negative consequences as well.

Destiny 2 Forsaken

First, the upside: A new SEC filing reveals that Activision is posting net bookings of 20 million, revenue of 164 million, and operating income of 91 million for the end of 2018. All of this is due to the company giving Destiny 2 back to Bungie. This isn’t bad at all, especially for losing a whole dang game. All of those delicious microtransactions, gone, and they’re still making million of dollars? Good job, Evilcorp!

Now, the bad news. This is of course, the same SEC filing that goes into greater detail about the 800 jobs that recently vanished into the ether. So the company shedded hundreds of jobs and a whole IP just to squeeze some more juice from the endless orange that is video games. All of this is to say, what don’t we know? Rather, what is Activision not telling us? No company doing record business makes these kinds of reckless, sinking-ship type moves. Perhaps the following fiscal years will see a downward trend in the villainous gaming giant.