Call of Duty Rumors Hint at Open-World Shift

Insider Insights Hint at Evolving Call of Duty Gameplay and Microsoft’s Impact on the Franchise

Recent reports from Insider Gaming shed light on potential changes ahead for the beloved Call of Duty series, hinting at a significant shift towards open-world gameplay in future installments. While details remain speculative, rumors suggest that the upcoming 2024 release, tentatively titled Black Ops Gulf War, will embrace a more expansive, Far Cry-like structure, blending traditional linear missions with open-world elements.

Drawing parallels to 2023’s Modern Warfare III, which experimented with open-ended campaign missions, the rumored Black Ops Gulf War is rumored to introduce “Open Combat Missions” reminiscent of its predecessor but with a greater emphasis on player freedom and exploration. These missions are said to feature ground vehicles for traversal and a fast-travel system, marking a departure from Call of Duty’s typical linear campaign design.

Raven Software is reportedly taking the lead on campaign development for Black Ops Gulf War, while Treyarch is handling multiplayer and Zombies modes. Allegedly, iconic Black Ops character Adler will make a return as a squadmate in the campaign, adding depth to the narrative experience.

Looking further ahead, rumors suggest that the Call of Duty installment that is planned for 2025 will also incorporate open-world missions, signaling a long-term evolution in the series’ gameplay philosophy.

Amidst these developments, Microsoft’s recent acquisition of Activision Blizzard for $74.5 billion raises questions about the franchise’s future. While Microsoft has affirmed its commitment to multi-platform releases for the next decade, potential integration with Game Pass remains uncertain.

As fans await official confirmation from Activision, anticipation builds for the Season 2 update of Modern Warfare III and Warzone, scheduled for February 7. Meanwhile, the imminent release of Call of Duty Warzone Mobile promises to expand the series’ reach to new platforms, adding another layer of excitement to the franchise’s future.