VR Game Apex Construct Sees Spike in Sales

Players are Getting Confused

Apex Construct is a VR game that was released back in March – and suddenly it’s gained more sales in a week than all of last year. Why? Well, it seems players may be confusing it for Apex Legends.

Apex Construct has seen a 4000% increase in visits to it’s Steam page – something that one of the developers of Fast Travel Games took to Reddit to share. The communications manager for the company, Andreas Juliusson also shared that the company is expecting to see an influx of refund requests once players have discovered they don’t in fact have Apex Legends. Adding to the confusion, as you can see above, both games have strikingly similar logos.

While the uptick in sales is a huge boon for the company, besides refunds,  there are negative consequences of the confusion as well. Players downloading Apex Construct instead of Apex Legends have been leaving negative reviews on the Apex Construct Steam page. Luckily, it seems like the Steam Community team is already on rectifying the massive misunderstandings.

Have you ever purchased something thinking it was something else? I’ve done it before and I know 100% its my own fault for not paying attention at the time. Thanks to Steam’s refund policy players who mistakenly purchased Construct instead of Legends can recoop what they spent, but at the same time I don’t feel like the company should be punished for certain folk’s lack of reading comprehension when making a purchase.

In the end, at least Apex Construct has gotten some publicity out of this!