Thou Shalt Have Loot – BioWare Makes Major Changes to Anthem

Less Madness for the Masterwork

In the middle of what seems like a never-ending rockslide, BioWare has addressed one of the issues regarding Anthem. Namely, loot; the game will now offer more of it. A few tweaks here and there have lessened the load of the soul-crushing grind. Here’s what players can expect.


One of the complaints regarding Anthem is that good gear drops are few and far between. As such, BioWare is here to remedy the RNG. With a patch that goes live later today (March 1st in the Central US), they’ve completely removed common and uncommon items from the equation at level 30. “This was a highly requested change and we agree, so that’s that, producer Ben Irving wrote on Reddit. Furthermore, inscriptions, unless otherwise listed, will have Javelin-wide effects. No more assault rifles that make your pistol stronger for some reason.

Another necessary change, the new patch will reduce the amount of crafting materials needed to produce masterwork items. Plus, inscriptions will be more relevant to the items. More masterworks for the grind, more inscriptions, and less nonsense.

Prior to these changes, Anthem witnessed a glitch that showered players in a surplus of Legendary and Epic gear. The next patch drastically reduced the drop rate of such items and has left players stuck between a grind and a hard place. Fortunately, the next update takes a step back into a happier realm of loot drops. The stipulation is that inscriptions on items already out in the wild will not change, proving that the first players to grind are the worst off (unless, of course, you really enjoy all your time with the game).

Now that players shall receive better inscriptions and gear for the grind, the world of Anthem should provide happier tidings. BioWare is taking more feedback as time goes on and is currently looking at the Legendary and Masterwork drop rate. Of course, one other fundamental issue is the lack of diversity when it comes to weapon appearances. What are your thoughts? Do you think the game needs more variety in the weapons department? Comment down below.