Red Dead Online to Get New Bounty System and Daily Rewards

Killers Have to Wing It

To bring some semblance of Order to the Wild West that is Red Dead Online, the deputies over at RockStar games have written some changes. Soon, there will be a new law/patch in place that aims to keep hostile players in check. In addition, players can expect to earn additional rewards through daily quests.

Starting on February 26th, players will no longer be visible on the map. Instead, player blips will only appear in close proximity to one another, or if you’re near enough to hear a gunshot. For players who want to show up on the map, it’s easy. It is as simple as killing players outside of structured matches, in free roam. Once they’ve murdered enough fellow players, perpetrators will be visible on everyone’s map. A surefire way of painting a target on their back.

Moreover, anyone who rakes in enough deaths in Red Dead Online will receive a bounty. The bounty price can scale based on the severity of the crime and ranges from animal cruelty to player murder. Inflict enough grief then Law enforcement officials may pursue the offender until they’re dead. To avoid the crimes of free roam combat, players will have simpler access to feuds. A posse leader could even initiate a poss-wide feud that pits two outfits against each other. Alternatively, posse leaders will have the opportunity to face off and decide which team goes away the winner.

For another revenue stream, Rockstar Games will also deliver new daily quests. The nature of the quest can vary with tasks like picking herbs, selling items, and winning feuds. Completion of the daily will earn XP and Gold Nuggets, the game’s premium currency. You can read up on fixes and more at the official website. Additional post-launch content will be revealed as time goes by.

Red Dead Online is available now for the PS4 and Xbox One as a free extension of Red Dead Redemption 2.

SOURCE: Rockstar