Fortnite Account Merging is here and We Know How it Works

Fu! Sion! Ha!

Fortnite is one of those games that you can play on the go, play at home, play at home in another room, basically anywhere. Trouble is, with some games where you play on your PS4 and then switch over to your PC, your progress won’t carry over because of the different platforms. Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of all your loot or how many wins or chicken dinners you have on each account. Well, Epic Games will make that all go away with the new Fortnite account merging.

Fortnite Account Merging

Here is basically how it works: Using the Fortnite merging tool, choose the platform your primary account is on. Then you choose a separate platform your secondary account is on. Multiple accounts on the same platform cannot be merged. After inputting the email addresses, PSN, Xbox Live, or Nintendo Online login information for the accounts, you can confirm and done. The stuff from your secondary account will be transferred to the primary account.

But you know like when you order something online and you have to wait for it to ship, get through customs, and delivered? It can take a while. The same goes for your incoming stuff to your primary account. Things need to get verified and all that. What will be affected by this wait will be V-Bucks and cosmetics. There are some things you will have to say goodbye to though. Save the World progress and Creative Mode maps from the secondary account will be left behind. Choose carefully what account is the main one. There is another caveat though. The accounts cannot be new. This means that accounts must have been played before September 28, 2018. The accounts can also not be banned or disabled.

Will you be merging accounts? Let us know in the comments.

Source: GamesRadar