Final Fantasy Weddings are now a Possibility for Couples

Take your Relationship to a New Level

Getting married in a video game is not an uncommon thing. It’s not legally binding, non-expensive, and guests do not all have to gather in the same physical space. But what if getting married in a video game WAS all those things? Well, now they can be thanks to Bridal Hearts and Square Enix. Couples can have Final Fantasy weddings in Japan. Final Fantasy XIV’s Ceremony of Eternal Bonding is now being recreated in real life, and couples can now have their fantasies come true.

Final Fantasy Wedding

Like in the MMO, brides and grooms will be able to wear the dresses and tuxedos that their avatars wear in the game. The decorations and food options are all Final Fantasy themed with familiar mascots like Chocobos, Cactaurs, and Moogles. The ceremony will also have music played from the game’s ceremony and up to seventy guests can be invited. The married couple will be able to hold props of their choosing like over-sized swords, wands, and shields. And like an actual wedding, it costs a lot of money! The “standard” plan will set you back about $31,500.

Judging by the in-game ceremony options, the ones planned by Square Enix and Bridal Hearts are pretty close to the digital versions. The in-game weddings have three options, the standard, gold, and platinum plans, the two latter plans cost money. Online, up to 80 guests can attend, and a variety of options for decorations and ceremony styles. All that’s really missing from the real thing are the chocobos drawing a carriage. Just call up Cid and get him to fly his airship over to Japan for this.

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Source: Polygon