Fallout 76 “Hotfix” Patch Creates a New Problem

Fallout 76 Is Still Having Bug Problems

Although the Fallout 76 “hotfix” patch was supposed to re-fix issues that Bethesda accidentally undid, it appears to have introduced a completely new problem. If you haven’t been following, something went wrong during the development of this week’s Patch 5 and prevented all the changes from Patch 4 from carrying over. For example, bobby pins became heavy again, along with numerous other issues. And while the “hotfix” patch did re-fix these problems, players are now struggling with a new bug that is putting some of their crafting materials in the bin.

The problem started on Tuesday with the arrival of Patch 5, which had unintended consequences like reverting Patch 4 changes that decreased bobby pin weight.

“It appears that a merge of internal development builds failed to execute properly prior to releasing Patch 5,” a Bethesda representative said on Reddit. “The team is working to identify how this happened so we can prevent this from repeating in the future.”

And while Thursday’s hotfix correcting this, it also introduced the new bug.

“Bulk items now correctly autoscrap when crafting and making repairs,” Bethesda said in the hotfix notes. “They do not appear to be correctly autoscrapping.”

Many Reddit players are claiming that they’ve lost lots of useful materials they converted to bulk ever since the hotfix. It seems like Bethesda just can’t catch a break.