More Content in Store for Wargroove

Chucklefish Shares Via AMA

Wargroove just launched earlier this week, and the team at Chucklefish have already shared plans for more content via an AMA on Reddit.

The team outlined a few things they’ve been considering adding to the game, including a ranked online mode. They’ve stated they’re already tracking ELO for quick play matchmaking but are waiting it out to see how online gameplay evolves as they don’t want to risk dividing the player base this early after launch, so it’s sitting on the maybe list.

There are also some planned post-launch quality of life updates, which will include faster battle scene skipping, faster map movement locked on by default, tweaks to the fog of war mechanic and a few other odds and ends. It’s nice to see that the team is devoted to listening to players and are willing to make these adjustments.

The team also teased future DLC for Wargroove – but nothing has been revealed about what it will be! It’s being worked on though, and for a game that is already insanely packed with content I can’t even begin to imagine what else they could potentially add.

If you haven’t picked up Wargroove yet, I do highly recommend it. It’s scratching my tactical RPG itch, and it’s just a beautifully crafted game.

It’s available right now for Nintendo Switch,PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.