Aichan from Spain Is Easily One of the Best and Most Beautiful Cosplayers in the World

We might be at an end for now so let’s celebrate with the beautiful Zero suit Samus cosplay!
AiChan Cosplay
This shot is gorgeous and so very ambient. It looks like it comes straight from the game!
AiChan Cosplay
Another beautiful and dynamic pose.

AiChan Cosplay

Aichan is definitely one of my most favourite Samus cosplays!

While that may be the end of our this weekends cosplay feature of Aichan, she’s got a ton of places for new fans to go follow her at! Like her pictures? Go follow her to show your support and see even more of her beautiful cosplays. We’ve got the link below already for you, go ahead and give her a click and a like! Happy weekend!

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