Apex Legends Success Sees EA Stock Bounce Back in a Big Way

Huge Apex Legends Success Causes EA Stock to Bounce Back

There’s no denying that EA has seen some rough times over the past couple of years and now it looks like there might be a bit of a light at the end of the tunnel. Despite all the controversy surrounding the closing of Visceral Games or the microtransaction fiasco with Star Wars Battlefront II, Respawn Entertainment’s new free-to-play battle royale Apex Legends is seeing support across the industry. 

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In fact Apex Legends is doing so well that within 72 hours of launching this past Monday, the game saw over 10 million people join the fun. As you can imagine, this is spelling success for not only Respawn, but also EA. Despite the publishers disappointing Battlefield V sales and recent significant drop in stock, a whopping 18 percent, it seems that Apex Legends might just be what Electronic Arts needs for a revival. According to GamesIndustry, as of yesterday EA’s stock recently bounced back in the right direction. 

According to the numbers, EA’s stock rose back to where it was prior to the announcement of financial loss in their Q3 meeting, increasing by 14.47 percent. Now, each share is worth $96.27. Before the share drop just a few days ago, on February 6th, each share was worth $92.52. Now only time will tell whether Apex is enough to increase the publisher’s stock even more, or whether they will again be impacted should Anthem underperform. Fingers crossed that if popularity increases for Apex Legends and Anthem rises to its potential, this could be the best year EA’s seen in a while. 

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