Treyarch Says Black Ops 4 Blackout Gets a New Mode: Ambush

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Treyarch has been pretty consistently rolling out updates and game modes to keep their powerhouse of a game on top. With additions like Gauntlet, Down, But Not Out, and the new featured playlists, Black Ops 4 keeps giving players reasons to stay. Down, But Not Out added the element of respawning to their battle royale mode, but it is a limited time event. It seems that Black Ops 4 Blackout is getting a string of limited time events. This next LTE is called Ambush. There isn’t a ton of information on it given, but from the sound of it, it’s pretty simple and there isn’t a whole lot that needs elaborating on to get it.

Black ops 4 blackout

But what do we know? Well, the name: Ambush. The name and a short description was leaked on reddit, but Treyarch officially announced it since. Ambush is going to be a snipers/melee weapon mode; no in between. It’s an interesting concept considering it will be an extension of Blackout, which sports the biggest and most open Black Ops 4 map. It will no doubt be full of sniper battles, but what about when you turn a corner and find an enemy? Well, get your no-scope comps ready.

There are a few new perks to come along with Ambush. Skulker gives players increased speed when crouched or prone and Dead Silence allows players to open stashes with reduced noise. Another pick-up mentioned in the leak is called Outlander. This reduces damage done by the circle while increasing the player’s speed. This will no doubt yield some really intense battles around the edges of the circle. Ambush will not launch until the DBNO event has ended.

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Source: Video Gamer and Alt/Char