Square Enix Drops Some Sweet New Kingdom Hearts III Trailers That Showcase Bonus Keyblades

New Kingdom Hearts III Trailers Show off Bonus Keyblades

A few days ago Square Enix dropped a bunch of artwork for a few new keyblades that will be available with Kingdom Hearts III. Now, with just over two weeks left until its launch, the publisher has just released a few short clips showing these bonus keyblades in action.

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Square Enix has just released a few new and exciting clips for Kingdom Hearts III ahead of its highly anticipated launch. With three short clips, each just over 20 seconds each, you get to take a quick look at the bonus keyblades you can receive by pre-ordering the game. Now keep it mind that you will only receive one of these keyblades, and not all three. The reason for this? Each keyblade is available through a different way of pre-ordering Kingdom Hearts III.

Along with the clips, each keyblade has also received a description on Twitter as well. The first keyblade is called Midnight Blue, which players will get with by pre-ordering the game in the PlayStation Store. This particular keyblade will improve Blizzard magic when equipped. The Blizzard Up attribute is set to increase magic damage and the “Blizzard Gun” command will become available. The second keyblade, dubbed the Phantom Green, will be available to those pre-ordering Kingdom Hearts III in the Xbox store. This keyblade improves Thunder magic when equipped. The “Thunder Up” stat increases thunder damage, and the “Thunder Gun” command becomes available. Lastly, the third keyblade, called Dawn til Dusk, will be available for those pre-ordering on Amazon or at Seven Net in Japan. Dawn til Dusk improves Fire magic when equipped and includes “Fire Up” and “Fire Gun” abilities. You can check out the clips showcasing each of the keyblades below.

Kingdom Hearts III is set to release in just a couple of weeks time for PS4 and Xbox One, on January 29th, unless of course you live in Japan, in which case you’ll get to play it first, on January 25th. Which bonus keyblade will you be receiving? Let us know your thoughts about all three in the comments below and don’t forget to keep it locked for updates!