Kingdom Hearts III’s Launch Day Patch Includes Endgame Content

More Story if You Weren’t Already Confused

The story of Kingdom Hearts has been the force that has driven the series since its inception. With all the Keyblades, Heartless, Princesses of Heart, Nobodies, and Organization XIII, there are a lot of moving parts to the plot. Last month, someone leaked retail copies of Kingdom Hearts III, selling them online. This prompted director Tetsuya Nomura to plead with the internet to not share spoilers that may have been floating around. For the most part, the community has been compliant, because nobody likes spoilers. Luckily, the true ending could not be accessed by these leaks. You see, Square Enix has a failsafe in the form of Kingdom Hearts III’s launch day patch. The details of this patch can be found on the Kingdom Hearts Twitter page.

kingdom hearts III's launch day patch

Square Enix is rightfully protective of the Kingdom Hearts story. The patch that comes on launch day is entirely story content. In fact, the three days following the release all have patches for the story. On January 29th, launch day, the game will get its “Memory Archive” which serves as a “last time on…” function. Players can view the story up until now with this option. The next day, on January 30th, players will be given access to the epilogue video. In order to actually view it, they will need to complete the game and view the ending. January 31st has further content still. This patch contains a “secret” ending which can only be viewed when beating the game if they “fulfilled certain criteria”. I’m guess that it means completing certain quests or have a high completion percentage.

Kingdom Hearts III will bring about the end of the trilogy known as “Dark Seeker Saga”. It is likely that the series will continue with an entirely new story. We can probably expect Kingdom Hearts 4 in about 25 years, given the production rate on these titles.

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Source: Kotaku