Newest Season of Diablo III Actually Changes A Thing

A Small Thing But Still

Diablo 3 has been doing this Seasonal Mode thing for quite a while now. Now, with Season 16 underway, they’re introducing a teeny little change for anyone who starts a Seasonal character. Everyone gets the Ring of Royal Grandeur perk! Small potatoes maybe, but this actually changes the meta quite a bit.

Diablo IV

So what the hell does the Ring of Royal Grandeur even do? Well, it reduces the amount of set items you need in order to get certain set benefits. Having three pieces means you get the benefit of four, and so on. This means players will have more freedom to experiment with bonuses from multiple sets. Not a lot more, but you’d be shocked what people can make happen with just a little wiggle room.

Aside from this one minor alteration, Season 16 looks like more of the same. At this point, only newcomers and absolute hardcore maniacs are still hanging on. Everyone else is content to either give up on the series or wait for whatever Blizzard has in store for us next. Don’t get me wrong, Diablo III is still a hopelessly compelling gameplay experience. The shine just wears off a little faster every time I go back. Without some concrete changes, the game is gonna rot from the inside out.